Precision Location for Network Operators, Carriers and Equipment Providers

Precision Location enables a cost-effective competitive edge for network operators, carriers, and equipment providers. Enhanced network-side positioning can increase the value of your products and the marketability of the entire network. 


Precision location works through Skyhook’s Hybrid Positioning Technology, which intelligently uses a blend of Wi-Fi, GPS, and Cellular signals to provide accurate location in any environment.


Unlike competing solutions, this technology offers several integration options, works across multiple network types, and helps preserve battery life.



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Drive value with precision location

Global Coverage & Accuracy

Skyhook can position devices wherever they travel: indoors, outdoors, outside of network coverage, or even if they’ve gone offline. By adding positioning to smartphones, feature phones, or other network-connected devices, Skyhook can bring better services, products, and overall value to your customer.

Patented Technology & Industry Expertise

Skyhook’s proprietary hybrid location positioning system utilizes algorithms for Wi-Fi, GPS and cellular signals. These algorithms, coupled with global coverage via 5+ billion geolocated Wi-Fi access points, enable us to provide the most accurate and precise location available across all types of networks.

Flexible Pricing

Part of our tailored solution is a competitive pricing structure to suit your budget and use case. Contact us to request a quote.

Easy Integration Options

There are four options to easily integrate Precision Location software on any connected device, including proprietary networks. Skyhook offers customizable SDKs, flexible location APIs, and source code with configurability to fit any use case.

Better Battery Life

This resource-efficient software solution uses less battery than hardware-based alternatives. Configure deployment-specific details, such as frequency of location transmission, to preserve device battery life even further. 

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Learn more about how Precision Location generates business value while maintaining profitability. See the solutions sheet for features, tech specs, and integration options. 


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