Precision Location for IoT Devices


Asset Tracking/Supply Chain Tracking

Track assets as they move within a warehouse, workplace or throughout the entire supply chain to improve overall operations. Adding location to asset tracking solutions help increase efficiency with cost-lowering real-time location information. We’ll help you track, filter, and add context to the location data from your assets for use in predictive analytics, supply chain optimization, or location-based market research to help you apply those learnings to your business.

Connected Car

Enhance the location capabilities for connected car devices to improve accuracy in consumer features including effectively locating cars indoors and in dense urban environments, improving on-board diagnostics through location data enrichment, and improving distance calculations trips from A to B using hybrid positioning. 

Connected/Smart Appliances

Know when and where devices like smart TVs or connected appliances are after they have left the warehouse or their retail locations. Utilize location data enrichment for diagnostics reporting to solve and inform operational, warranty, or support problems and infrastructure. For interactive appliances, provide enhanced services (e.g. local weather, news, amber alerts, marketing) using accurate location information.


Locate and track wearable devices accurately anywhere in the world. From fitness bands to smart watches, mPERS (mobile personal emergency response) lanyards to wearable cameras, Skyhook enables accurate location for nearly all wearable use cases. 

Point of Sale Devices

Add accurate location to Point of Sale devices to track asset distribution, global support, and start-up UI optimizations. For example, location features provide the ability to correctly set default language, select the correct local payment service/fulfillment partner, and set time zones as well as other localization options based on place.

Risk Assessment/Usage-Based Insurance

Add hybrid positioning capabilities into the hardware or OBD-II dongles used by insurance companies to allow customers to pay for insurance based on the actual distance traveled and capture other information about the safety of the car or signs of an accident based on the error codes reported to the dongle.

How Skyhook Does It

Skyhook uses a proprietary hybrid location positioning system to provide precise location for IoT devices and digital asset management. This highly specialized service requires the use of algorithms for GNSS, Wi-Fi and cellular signals. These algorithms, coupled with global coverage via 5+ billion geolocated Wi-Fi access points, enables Skyhook to provide the most accurate and precise location available.


LPWAN compatible

Precision Location for IoT is LPWAN compatible. LoRa native geo-location solution, based on TDOA triangulation, provides a rough estimate of device location that is highly dependent on the number of LoRa gateways, their density and multi-path environment. Skyhook’s solution allows you to locate devices globally with high accuracy even when gateways are sparse, without using GPS and significantly draining battery. Skyhook developed Precision Location for IoT so that it is compatible with LoRaWAN in order to suit devices that need minimum bandwidth and power consumption.



Skyhook offers several integration options to enable the use of precision location in any IoT device. Skyhook offers customizable SDKs available for multiple operating systems, as well as flexible location APIs and source code designed to work across various devices and architectures. Skyhook provides tunable settings and configurable functionality to fit any use case.





Learn more about how Precision Location generates business value while maintaining profitability. See the solution sheet for features, tech specs, and integration options.

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