Need Accurate Location Solutions? We Can Help.

Enable location-based services, experiences, and insights with Skyhook, the leading independent provider of Wi-Fi, cellular, and hybrid positioning.

What Can You Achieve with Skyhook?

Tailored Location Solutions for Any Use Case

Our software-based, power-efficient approach uses Wi-Fi, cellular, IP, and GNSS to resolve location – without driving up hardware costs. Easy to integrate and fully customizable, it’s a cost-effective way to make location-based services, experiences, and insights a reality.

The Accuracy, Precision, and Coverage You Need – Without Anything You Don't

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Multiple Integration Options

Add location tracking capabilities at the device or network level through flexible API, SDK, embedded, or SIM integrations.

Massive Global Location Network

Our proprietary network uses over 6 billion wireless access points, more than 100 million cells, IP addresses, and over 9 billion daily observations for unmatched reliability and accuracy.

Signal Flexibility

Choose the signal type that best fits your use case: Wi-Fi, Cellular, GNSS, IP, or hybrid positioning utilizing multiple signals.

White Glove Service

As an independent provider, we can offer tailored solutions, flexible pricing, and dedicated service that other companies can’t.