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The Problem with Location Today. 

In the mobile world, timing and context is everything. Unfortunately most location-based marketing approaches miss their mark. Brands may think they're seeing verified store visits, but traditional geofencing simply draws a big circle around a place of interest (often with a buffer of 100 meters). Geofences traditionally only tell you that a consumer is nearby. They could be walking into your store, but it’s just as likely that they are driving by or visiting the shop next door.

The New Geofence

Context Accelerator recognizes a store’s unique identity (such as “Walmart” or “Starbucks”) through both geospatial and signal translation. This gives marketers a level of precise in-store awareness that no one else can offer. Exciting opportunities that have been just out of reach for years are now available. What can you do with this level of in-store detection accuracy?


Retailers, quick service restaurants, gas stations and hotels can drive local foot traffic to their stores and locations.

Mobile Payments

Identify when users enter the stores that accept your payment method, allowing you to trigger mobile payment options at the check-out counter.


Measure consumer loyalty by comparing user foot traffic to your stores and competitor locations.

Continuous Innovation

This technology exists to help brands reach mobile consumers at exactly the right time - no more time-consuming and costly beacon installations, frustrating app battery drain or false positives. With seamless in-store marketing now a reality, brands can focus on building a great app experience and reach users while they’re most receptive to their messages.

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